Social Media Management


Did you know that consumers are now searching for your business pages on the various social media platforms before they purchase from you or contact you regarding your services?

Following is what the average consumer is looking for it comes to a business’s social media presence:

  1. Firstly, are you there? They want to know that you are keen to actively engage with them. In fact, 95% of consumers expect a business to have a Facebook Page, with the same expectations for Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest increasing.
  2. That your business is regularly posting relevant content. Many consumers have admitted they start to wonder if a business is still operating, when they see your last social media post was over 3 months ago. It is important to note that Facebook and other social media platforms should not be used as a selling tool, consumers want to be educated and interact with a brand. Key content will then direct them to your website to close a sale.
  3. Online Support is also a top priority for consumers, they want to know they can contact you with any questions via social media, and know you are there to respond.

Social media should be an integral part of your business strategy. It is our role to ensure that your social media activities are focused, targeted and carefully aligned with your business goals.

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