Email Marketing


The best sales and marketing asset your business currently owns, is your customer database.

However, it is often the most underutilised, so here are our tips.

There are two vital steps that every business owner needs to implement as part of their marketing strategy:

1. Manage it. Keep your database up to date and implement to grow it.
2. Use it. Direct email marketing should be your number one marketing tool.

If a customer or potential customer gives you permission to contact them via email, it means they want to hear from you! Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to start communicating with them on a regular basis.

E-newsletters are the best way to directly market your business, products and services, to your potential new customers and also to your existing customers.

i.interact marketing have over 10 years’ experience developing and implementing successful e-newsletter campaigns for their business clients. Our experience means we can successfully run and manage your e-newsletter campaigns from design, content creation, to sending and reporting. We are also able to help businesses implement valuable strategies to increase and manage their database.

If you would like to chat with us, about how we can assist your business to begin or refresh your email marketing campaigns, please click here.